Our Story

Express Yourself Threads was created by Sophia Ward in 2019 with a focus on women’s empowerment. Our threads are designed for the woman who expresses herself through freedom of independence, equality, culture, faith, and love.  We believe that what you wear should enhance your identity and not redefine it.  

Everyone on the Express Yourself Threads team has their own unique voice and personality, but we all share in our mission to enable self-expression through exceptional design. Sophia has always had a love for spoken word and fashion. This boutique is inspired by the women who taught her how to express herself with both loves:

  • Beatrice | her beloved grandmother (Blessed Lady) continuously reminded her that she was fearfully and wonderfully made. “Speak life. Just remember that words are powerful... and remember who holds your hand.”
  • Laura | her fabulous aunt (Confident Diva) encouraged her to have a sassy sense of style and use her voice unapologetically. “You truly have a way with words. I love it. Do something with it.”
  • Anna | her amazing mother (Passionate Feminist) taught her the ideologies of self-love, equality, and the power of a strong woman. “FiFi, I love the way that you express yourself, and I admire your passion what you believe in.  Be fierce and never settle for less!”
  • Sophia herself (Boss Chick) has absorbed the wisdom from her favorite queens and established a strong work ethic, heart for leadership, and drive for success.

So wherever you are going in life, Express Yourself Threads want to come along for the ride, infusing confidence and self-expression into every move you make.

Wear your motivation!